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Date Title Description
03 May 2024 Developing Game of Life on a TRS-80 in 2024 writing code on TRS-80 like it's 1983 (sort of)
26 March 2024 Connecting a desk lamp to my personal website with WebSocket experimenting with WebSocket and smart light bulbs
14 August 2023 some thoughts about web desktops
24 March 2023 Joshua & AI frenzie how I'm using OpenAI APIs
01 February 2023 Flipper Zero has entered the LEGO Store hacking a LEGO minifigure factory box with Flipper Zero
22 November 2022 Santa Cecilia a deep-fried xmas recipe
11 November 2022 L'esodo Sharing some updates
12 November 2021 10 months later... what's happening lately?
29 January 2021 The Mascot some retrocomputing shenanigans
23 December 2020 Relearning how to surf web exploring stories
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